Leonberger Training

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The Leonberger is a gentle and reliable family companion. It moves in gentle motion and is always calm. It is a multi-purpose dog because it can be a draft dog, therapy dog and a family dog. It is sensitive and behaves well. It can adapt to the changing environment and flexible on different circumstance. Children would love to be with a Leonberger because it is playful and sweet. It seeks the attention and affection of its owner and protects the owner and his family from any impending danger. It is not naturally quarrelsome does not invite hostility to neighbor dogs. They are willing to please and adorable. They exhibit a kind appearance. Though they resemble the physical attributes of a lion, their attitude towards other people are more of the opposite. They are usually friendly and want to socialize. They are loyal to the...

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Leonberger Breed Information

Leonberger Care

Leonberger Care Made Easy

Looking for a big dog? Oh, it just does not get any bigger than the Leonberger. This breed of dog is not only big, it is massive. It is big, hairy, and just as its namesake says it...

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Leonberger Puppies

Leonberger Puppy Training & Care

A Leonberger puppy is a calm and steady atheletic dog that has lots of energy to spare. It is a working dog that is great for an active family. This puppy will eventually grow...

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