Do you know that a Leonberger is considered by Leonberger breeders as the most versatile breed in the canine family? This breed is very popular in Europe but it is still considered as a rare breed in many areas around the globe. Elegant and huge in size, this dog is a perfect family companion. It is said that during the first World War, the population of Leonbergers was badly reduced. However, due to the persistent efforts of Leonberger breeders, this breed has now recovered from near extinction.

Typically, male Leonbergers weigh around sixty kilograms while female Leonbergers weigh at least forty-eight kilograms. Leonbergers are considered as giant dogs because of their enormous size. The name Leonberger is derived the a city in Germany called Leonberg. In terms of height, the male measures from seventy-two up to eighty centimeters. For female Leonbergers, they are usually sixty-five to seventy-five centimeters. When it comes to color, Leobergers are usually light to dark brown, sometimes dark reddish brown, and sand color. Typical among this breed is the black tips on their hair. One of the unique features of this dog is the black facial mask. Leonbergers are considered dimorphic because you can easily tell from their body type whether it is female or male.

Classified as a mountain dog, Leonbergers are best bred as a family companion. This is not the dog for runners and bike enthusiasts though. Ideally, a Leonberger should be a companion for pet owners who love hiking and swimming. Leonbergers are also perfect pets during family gatherings. This type of dog loves to interact with people. In fact, this dog is widely known for its loyalty, obedience, agility, and intelligence. With proper training, you can teach a Leonberger to do many things. In fact, there are many Leonberger breeders who train them for water rescue. Many people raise this breed as a therapy dog.

If you want to get this dog as a pet, you should seek more advice from reputable Leonberger breeders. They know how to take care of this breed. Ask them about the proper way to care for Leonbergers. Although this breed is generally very strong and healthy, you also need to provide your pet with a balanced diet and a regular physical exercise. Make sure that your pet is properly trained so that it will grow into an obedient, kind, and smart dog for your family.