Looking for a big dog? Oh, it just does not get any bigger than the Leonberger. This breed of dog is not only big, it is massive. It is big, hairy, and just as its namesake says it is, it really does resemble a lion. This dog will definitely grab eyes attentions not only because it is large, but because of the fact that it really does look like its namesake, a lion. Never has a breed of dog been so big, yet still so majestic looking. Do you still want one? Better be careful though, as it is tough to provide great Leonberger care.

The Leonberger, as facts say, is the oldest purebred breed which originated from Germany. This dog is an old breed of dog, but it has never stopped being one of the most loved breeds in all of dog kingdom. As mentioned earlier, this dog is large in ways that are not even funny. It can weigh as much as almost 170 pounds. That is even heavier than an average-heighted person in the proper weight for his or her height. Unfortunately, because of its massive size, the Leonberger is highly prone to diseases and sicknesses large dogs often contract. This is why Leonberger care is vital.

The Leonberger is very much susceptible to hip dysplasia, a very common joint problem among large breeds of dogs. They are also prone to certain types of cancers, and even some nerve disorder which would make them more of a vulnerable breed of dog when they get to their twilight years. Those twilight years, come very soon too, for large breeds of dogs do not live very long. The Leonberger, for example, only averages a lifespan of about 8 years, maybe 10 at the most. Best way to make this breed of dog live the longest it can, is provide it with the best possible Leonberger care possible.

Never ending on a sad note, it should be noted, on a different topic, that the Leonberger has lots and lots of hair. This dog can shed, and shed it does. Daily grooming, such as brushing for about a couple of hours would be best, if you can spare the time. Do this and you will have had a very healthy Leonberger overall. You cannot really do anything about its short lifespan, but do treat them right, feed them, train them, make them run in big open spaces, and do not forget that grooming, and you will have provided the best possible Leonberger care for this truly magnificent dog.