One of the oldest dog breeds, the breed of Leonberger dog originated from Germany and it has always been used as a watchdog and companion. This dog breeds are large in size and usually comes in all sorts of colors, but all with a black masks and strong elegant body. Training this dog must start early, so owners will have no problems as the dog grows into a more than 100 lbs gentle giant. This dog is a loyal and dependable companion that enjoys being a part of a family. Once it reaches maturity, the protective instinct of this dog breed develops into its full capacity and will protect its pack, at all cost. This deep sense of the desire to protect can also lead to signs of an aggressive behavior towards people and animals that this dog is not familiar with. Early socialisation is important for this clever hound.

This breed of dog is classified as a working mountain dog that needs to release its energy in various activities like hiking, swimming, agility, carting, herding, and water rescue. The Leonberger dog makes good companion for active people who are into running and bicycling. The Leonberger is also known to interact well with people, including children. The Leonberger dog have a natural ability as therapy dogs and often provide encourage and support to people.

The Leonberger dog usually live as long as 10 years and are best suitable in homes with large spaces and cool climate. These dogs are very sensitive to moods and can be very agitated during family quarrels. Attention-seeking dogs, their owners must provide constant attention and affection for these giants. These dogs easily get bored and listless.

Originating from a crossbreed of a Newfoundland bitch and a Grand St.Bernard, this particular breed of dog was born in 1846 in Germany. The general appearance of a Leonberger is a muscular but graceful body. There is a balance of confidence and calmness on the dog, but also with a lively temperament that appreciates a good humor. An fully grown dog can grow as tall as 72 to 80 cm in males and 65 to 75 cm in bitches, with a weight of 130-170 lbs for male and 100-130 lbs in bitches. Its coat is medium soft to coarse and long. Along the neck and the chest area is a visible mane-line waves and some feathering on the front legs and few breeches on hindlegs.