A Leonberger puppy is a calm and steady atheletic dog that has lots of energy to spare. It is a working dog that is great for an active family. This puppy will eventually grow into a large dog so be sure to have an ample space for the gentle giant. As a Leonberger puppy, the dog might find fetching a ball or Frisbee interesting, but as it grows older this breed will look for more serious outlets wherein it can reelase its energy. These activities include theraphy work, pulling a cart or sled, tracking, weight pulling, agility, and swimming. Owners who want to have a Leonberger dog must display a authority and leadership. As a Leonberger grows old, it is very likely that the dog will test the owner and see if his leadership is consistent, this is a case that is very true with male Leonbergers.

Once the Leonberger puppy becomes part of the pack, they are loyal dogs who will enjoy a loving family. The protective instincts of this particular breed of dog reaches its fully maturity in ages three to four years, posing more agression towards strangers and intruders. Usually, a deep back from a Leonberger would be enough to drive away intruders. However, to have a well socialized and friendly dog as well, it is necesary to expose these dogs to other animals as well as friends and relatives so they will be familiar with the “good people” and not think of them as intruders.

Another trait that a Leonberger dog is widely known for is its reliabilty. It is a dog who will have the back of its owners and would do everything to please them. These dogs also interact well with children, however because of its size, an adult Leonberger is not advised to be left alone with small kids. Leonbergers also hate being left alone for long periods of time and when they get bored, they can display signs of destructive behavior.

Training a Leonberger will be an very fulfilling experience for those who loves the outdoors.In a Leonberger puppy, training must start at a young age. Obedience training at three months old is recommended.A Leonberger’s haven is being outside and spending its energy on worthwhile things like working on a farm or participating in rescue missions, both water and land. This is a young dog who loves his family and will defend them with all his might, he is eager to learn, and will be a dependable partner for a long time.