Breeds of large dogs are often seen as more effort or problem than they are worth. But contrary to popular belief, large dogs are easy to take care and are not as menacing as some would think. So, for a family that is looking to get a large lovable dog, why not adopt a Leonberger rescue?

For those that do not know what a Leonberger dog breed is, it is a very large, muscular working dog whose coat is double layered, water-resistant, and can come in colors such as lion-yellow, gold, red, red-brown, sand, cream, pale yellow, or any combination of those colors. Weighing at around 100 to 170 pounds, and can grow anywhere between 27 inches to 31 inches, making them a breed that is very heavy and very large.

Who wouldnt want to adopt a Leonberger rescue? This giant dog breed is known to be very lively, brave, intelligent, and very affectionate. And with its sweet expression, and a temperament that is both calm and friendly, almost everyone will fall in love with it. For those that think that having such a large dog amongst them is dangerous for their children, adopting a Leonberger rescue will prove you wrong as it is very patient, even when it comes to the most rambunctious of children.

Adopting a Leonberger rescue would be a treat for the family, because not only will you gain a loyal companion, you will also get a dog whose behavior and personality is already set. Personnel from rescue shelters more often than not have an idea of the behavior and the personality of the dogs that are up for adoption. They can even give you further information and other such material to better take care of the dog.

Whats more is that getting a Leonberger rescue means that it could already be trained in basic obedience, so you wont have to worry about training them that much yourself, or putting that much time and effort into training them. Just ask the rescue shelter on the training that the breed has received and pick up on it.

But whats probably the best reason for adopting a Leonberger rescue is that you will be saving a life think of it as giving someone a second chance to life and a lot of rescue dog owners found that the dog they have adopted instantly formed a bond with their family, a common behavior among dogs as they too feel that they have received a second chance.