The Leonberger is a gentle and reliable family companion. It moves in gentle motion and is always calm. It is a multi-purpose dog because it can be a draft dog, therapy dog and a family dog. It is sensitive and behaves well. It can adapt to the changing environment and flexible on different circumstance.

Children would love to be with a Leonberger because it is playful and sweet. It seeks the attention and affection of its owner and protects the owner and his family from any impending danger. It is not naturally quarrelsome does not invite hostility to neighbor dogs.

They are willing to please and adorable. They exhibit a kind appearance. Though they resemble the physical attributes of a lion, their attitude towards other people are more of the opposite. They are usually friendly and want to socialize. They are loyal to the owner and can be very obedient once given proper training.

They are attentive and will never show any fear in their eyes. They have the desire to protect and will do all things to please the owner. Their intelligence makes it possible for the owner to instruct the leonberger to do field tasks. Because leonberger dogs are easy learners, it is necessary to train them while still young to mold their attitude and behavior beneficial to the owner.

The 4 Paw Rating – to the suitability of Leonberger for the owners home and lifestyle:

There are different size and posture for a male and female Leonberger and there is a clear distinction between the genders. At the withers, male Leonberger range from 28 31.5 inches while the female range from 25.5 to 29.5 inches. Male Leonberger weighs 120 to 170 pounds while female Leonberger weighs 100 to 135 pounds.

Coat Care
Leonberger has a long, water resistant, double-coat in the body. Its long and profuse outer coat extends entirely in the neck and chest, reason why it looks like a lion in appearance. This requires daily brushing.

Family Life
Leonberger dogs are one of the friendliest and loyal companions an owner can have. It is playful and obedient. It behaves well under normal circumstance.

Leonberger is flexible in the changing environment and it will be able to adapt in the modern way of living.

Leonberger dogs are generally healthy and strong dogs. They only get diseases when it is hereditary in nature. Examples of these are hip dysplasia, heart problems, Inherited Leonberger Paralysis, allergies and digestive disorders.

Leonberger dogs need plenty of exercise because they have large and well balanced muscular built. Because they are working dogs, they need to maintain their strength and physical stamina.

This dog breed will need daily walk and regular training in order to make it physically fit and healthy all the time. A walk in the park or jogging in the morning is few of simple yet effective ways that will work for this dog breed. This is also a way of socializing the dog to other people and to the environment it will live in.